Attractions in Międzyzdroje



The biggest tourist attraction in Międzyzdroje is a beautiful beach, considered by many tourists as one of the best on the Baltic.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 500m


Reaching 395 m into the sea, the pier in Międzyzdroje is one of the longest in Europe. At the end of the pier there is a special wharf used by the tourist ships connecting Międzyzdroje with Ahlbeck – a German town located on Usedom Island. An extraordinary panorama of Pomeranian Bay unfolds from the pier. The lowland Przytorska Spit extends to the west, the lights of the lighthouse in Świnojuście are visible in the evenings.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 800m


The most well-known vantage point in the Międzyzdroje neighborhood. Situated close to the eastern part of the town, the hill rises 61 m above sea level. In order to climb it, one needs to walk the promenade toward it to finally find a gate shaped like a fishing boat. Having reached the peak, we can admire a wonderful view of the Bay of Pomerania.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 2.5 km


In 1976 the fauna of Wolin National Park was enriched by the bison. 4 specimens were brought from Białowieża Forest and thus the breeding began. Now there are 6 to 9 specimens in the enclosure, with 1-2 being born every year. Raised and healthy specimens are transferred to another herd. Bison show reserve is located a mere 1 km from the town center; it can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In the reserve one can also see other animal species, such as boars, roe deer and aviaries with eagle owls and white-tailed eagles.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 2.6 km


The landmark of Wolin Island. Created in 1960, the park comprises the most beautiful fragment of the Polish cliffed coast, thickly overgrown with beech as well as beech and oak forests, the Świna Delta and a belt of the Baltic Sea coastal waters. The park is home to various and numerous animal species, among these 230 bird species, including the park’s greatest pride, the white-tailed eagle.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 800 m


This highest cliff of the Polish coast is located mere 4 km from Międzyzdroje. After 400 m of easy climb on a well-marked path you will reach the 95-metre-high peak, from where you can admire the Baltic, the panoramas of Międzyzdroje, Świnoujście and the German town Alhbeck. The hill, overgrown with beech trees, is still home to the remains of an artillery watchtower and bunkers.
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Located in Wapnica, 7 km from Międzyzdroje. The water has a distinctive turquoise color as the lake formed in a place where a chalk mine operated in the 40s. On the hills rising on the lakeside there is an educational path that ends with a vantage point on Piaskowa Hill.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 6 km


A vantage point located in Lubin, less than 7 km from Międzyzdroje. It attracts many tourists due to its unique location that makes it possible to see simultaneously the Inverted Świna Delta, Szczecin Lagoon, Wicko Lake and the Baltic Sea.
Distance from Villa Astra Baltica: 7 km


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